Boston – Immigration

Immigration for the United States of America is governed by the US Citizenship and Immigration Services department. While most of the resources and information can be found online, field offices are located in cities throughout the country that focus on individual cases as well as handle interviews and provide some additional information.

Immigration to the USA comes in a variety of forms and is highly dependent on the home country that the applicant is applying from. In addition to assisting with the application process the department also works with those who have immigrated to the USA on a variety of services from finding medical assistance to changing addresses.

While immigration to the USA can be complicated, the USCIS offers a comprehensive website with instructions on how to immigrate and the process required as well as the many types of visas available. This information can all be found online at

Boston is unique in that the city offers a specific office related to immigrant advancement resources. This includes assistance with a variety of immigration related needs as well as assistance for immigrants living in Boston. The center is located at City Hall Square and can be contacted directly by both email and phone.

Address:1 City Hall Square, Room 806, Boston, MA 02201, United States
Phone:+1 617 635 2980
Email:[email protected]